Text Marketing

Not your father's marketing channel

Text marketing, often considered the marketing channel of the future, is effective in ways even email can't touch. For instance, text messenges have a massive 98% open rate.

Get started with SMS marketing

SMS Marketing drives the conversation forward

Customers pay attention to SMS Marketing

Most companies face the challenge of acquiring and retaining customers, and cutting through the noise of competition. SMS (text) Marketing makes quick work of that dilema and boasts some surprising stats that prove it.


Near instant communication

90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.


More efficient than other marketing channels

Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than email.


Customers who opt in find marketing texts useful

75% of consumers are happy to receive SMS messages from brands.


Americans check their phone 47 times a day

Whereas 62% of americans check their email less than 10x a day.

Reach them where they want to be reached.

Every user is different and it's up to you to spot their differences and tailor to them. Each Message takes the guess work and make things simple–so you can add sms marketing into your workflow easily.

Pro tip: use lead scoring to suggest sms messenging to your top users!

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For your special someone.

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New message from Flower Co.

Smarter messenging

Some things just work better with SMS.

Steer the conversation with programmable SMS messages, powered by Twilio–the same service provider that powers Lyft, Netflix, and Twitch's texts. Use their drag-n-drop visual builder in tandem with EM for best results.