Personalize your marketing–create powerful experiences.

Automation is more about personalization than it is convenience–that's just a perk. The real goal is more effective marketing and campaigns that build stronger relationships.

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Send 1 day after signup

Welcome aboard!

Personally welcome your new subscribers, automatically.

Shape the conversation into a more human experience–automate events like welcome and birthday emails to steadily court your users.

Product follow up

Make suggestions based on prior purchases.

It pays off to reengage customers periodically to reccommend similar products–for the upsell and also to maintain communication. This is also a great opportunity to offer promo codes and provide more information about your product.

Send 30 days after dark roast purchase

We know you like dark roasts and we've got a brand new one!

Send when 'Evangelist' criteria is met

We noticed you're digging our content. Care to share?

Brand Evangelism

Encourage your top users to share your content on social media.

Trigger an email encouraging users who interact with you a lot to share your top content. Suggested criteria for this could be how frequently they visit your website, opened your emails, or bought your products.

Pro tip: maintain a list of your top influencers and incentivize them to share content.

Automating 101

  • 01 Select an audience

    • Choose who will be on the receiving end of your messages. You can automate emails and text messages, as well as other events by integrating other services. We play well with many other platforms.

  • 02 Choose the event trigger

    • Before we can have the email (or tweet, sms or other message) sent, we first have to define what will trigger it. For our welcome message we can do 1 day after signup.

  • 03 Write your message

    • If you're sending an email, choose a template and design your email how you'd like. You can also design a landing page if you'd like to link your audience there–to sell something or gather more information using a form. Choose your words wisely and then...

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Welcome new subscribers


1 day after signup

Thanks for joining!

Thanks for joining!

We appreciate your support and we're here if you need anything.

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