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Learn about your users by looking at the data.

Each Message gives you real-time updates on how your campaigns are doing, so you can make decisions whenever you need to. You've got access to which campaigns are doing best, and an overview of your most important metrics in a single view.

Our reports showing your growth, revenue and engagement will help you learn how your users behave. You can easily find out who's been doing what and use that information to create content that resonates with them.


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Understand your customers and act accordingly.

Our data reporting shows you data by segment/tags, as well as which content is performing best. Know what and who is bringing in the bacon at a glance, and create campaigns with that in mind.

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Monitor ROI–starve the ponies, feed the stallions.

Track sales from an advertisement click all the way to purchase. Learn who's purchasing, what they're purchasing and how much money your campaign earned compared to how much spending it required. When a campaign works well, feed it more traffic!

Pro tip: use our facebook integration to send contact data to facebook for advertising/retargeting.