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Our email marketing and automation features allows non-profits to get more done for less; helping them reach goals and change lives.
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Email marketing and automation, done better.

Email marketing has consistently shown itself to be the most effective channel for maximizing contributions for non-profits. Drive donations, grow your list and benefit your cause–with our expert team on standby to assist.

Raise more for your cause.

Turn the dial up on fundraising with our platform's combination of CRM, marketing automation and email/messaging capabilities. Design smarter campaigns that meet your goals.

Re-engage prior donors.

There are many reasons why people, left to their own devices, will donate once and stop being responsive. So create a winning recipe using email automation to remind them of what's important.

Create exclusivity for your patrons.

Create powerful experiences for those most-involved in your community. Host exclusive events and send out personalized content that caters to each level of commitment.

Automation keeps the conversation going.

Garner consistent engagement with our easy-to-use automation platform. Re-engage donors by tracking their donation date and inviting them to donate after a certain amount of time has passed.

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Measurements matter when each penny counts.

For each email sent you'll have a set of analytics you can easily digest in real-time. Use this information to tweak campaigns towards better performance. Track engagement and behavior and study what type of content resonates most with your community.

Integrations that work for your organization!

We've got integrations for the most popular CRM platforms, so you can begin using data from these other channels to power effective personalized campaigns.

That's not all. We also work with these platforms and many more.

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Between our easy-to-use email and landing page builders, our automation platform and our expert assistance you've got everything you need to succeed. Let's get started.