Marketing CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Use our CRM tools to gain insight into your users and craft smarter campaigns. Smarter campaigns create more loyal customers, growing those relationships automatically.

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CRM that scales alongside you.

CRM isn't just for big companies; on the contrary it can give you a huge leg up when you're a fledging startup. Keep track of your users behavior and best serve them accordingly, whether you're small-time or have thousands of contacts.


Lead management

Everything you need to know about your leads in one place; what pages they visited, which forms they filled out, what they bought & more.


Sales firepower

Your sales department will benefit from having each users data on hand and your marketing department can integrate that data into their marketing.


Understand your audience

You can better profile your people when you know who they are, how they're using your website, and which products they're buying.


Track important relationships

While every customer matters, sometimes it pays to give certain users special attention. Whether top influencers or members of the press–using CRM will help you do that.


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User Behavior

Keep track of your people as your grow.

Spot trends at a glance and know who you're talking to–so you can both make informed decisions and also be ready to assist individuals. Check user history, make notes on their account, find their social media account and more right from your dashboard.

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Pull all of your data into one overview.

Whether or not you're building an audience from scratch, or importing your audience from another service, we help you bring all of your data into one house for the best view. We integrate with dozens of popular services and you can see your users phone numbers, emails, social media, segmentation, and more all from your dashboard.

Keep track of your A-listers.

Not every company cares about staying in touch with members of the press and other media representatives, but every company has A-listers. Your top 20% of buyers will account for 80% of your revenue so knowing those users well is in your interest. See exactly what they've been up to, what pages on your website they're frequenting, what makes them click and more. Progressively profile them and keep all of that data on hand when contacting them.

Segment your users for better targeted campaigns.

Now that you've got access to more data on your users than ever, you can segment further and use that in your marketing. Whether creating a different automation funnel based on whether customers bought dark roast or light roast coffee, or to inform your sales personel who's ready for a follow-up phone call, you're better off with a CRM than without one.

Keep it personal, please.

Customers don't appreciate being treated as numbers or a quick buck–they, like all human beings, want to feel heard and that includes by the companies they shop with. One easy way to do this is to collect information (whether via forms, or phone calls and manually inputting that information into Autocampaign) and use that information to personalize your emails. There's no limitation to what you can do with this. Customize emails, sms messages, landing pages, blog posts... whatever you can think of!


How to manage your audience in Autocampaign

See how our Marketing CRM tools help you get a clearer picture of who your audience is and how to keep them engaged.

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